Security Guards

Delta Force (PDF) provides security guards (Armed & unarmed both) for corporate offices, banks, apartments, residential areas, construction sites, commercial buildings, factories, events etc. The PDF guards play vital role to keep client’s premises safe and secure from unauthorized entry, theft & damage. Guards can be deployed at any time as per requirement of the client. Usually, PDF guards maintain 8-hour shifts in a day.

Security Screening

Delta Force guards can also help clients to screen personnel, goods and devices entering office or factory area. The guards are trained to conduct stringent checks on visitors, baggage and vehicles using security screening equipment that includes Archway, Hand metal detectors, Explosive detectors and Vehicle search mirrors, X-ray machines etc. to ensure security of specific premises.

VIP Protection

Delta Force provides protection services to keep important people safe at all times. VIP and executive protection services are offered to local important persons and foreign guests traveling Bangladesh. The service includes close protection body guarding, escorting guests to hotel and on visit to different locations.