Technology has given security organizations the ability to take security measures to an extent which was not ever possible by ordinary means. Apart from physical guard services, Delta Force offers modern electronic security equipments for using at strategic/key points of your organization, residence or events for ensuring higher degree of protection at all times.

Access Control System

Access Control Systems now play a vital role in the security of any premises by restricting access where required and recording staff movements. It helps to Control & keep record of all kinds of entry and exit, records attendance and ensures efficient wage management.

Automated Security Alarm System

Automated security alarm system is widely used to secure different types of premises (living, production, warehouses, institutions and others). Aim of security alarm system is to intercept any possibility of illegal access to protected premises. Security alarm system allows surveillance of protected premises or areas round the clock.

Video Surveillance by CCTV

PDF provides CCTV Systems which helps to reduce the level of crime through the deterrence created by the presence of video surveillance cameras. It can be used for monitoring 24-hours entry and exit of your staff and goods and many other applications.